Ante Omnia Sweden provides professional and effective intralogistics solutions. We specialize in material handling for lean manufacturing, where our offer include everything from trolleys to pallet carriers. Our uniquely designed tilt cart contribute to a lean system within logistics by optimizing the way employees handling material movement within your lean logistics flow. Visit our product page to find out more.

If our existing solutions aren’t enough, or if you need a functionality we don’t provide already, we provide design of logistic solutions according to your demands and needs. We provide professional and effective solutions such as our award-winning midsize trolley.

Ante Omnia


Our products are designed to optimize manufacturing processes. If you are in the automative industry or in any other product assembly line industry, we have they right solutions for you. We know that material carts are inconvenient for people since you often have to stretch to reach the last parts in the bottom.

Instead of wearing out your employees, our award-winning trolley can actually spear you the hazardous process of having to switch out staff. With its tilt function, it’s easy to reach the material needed for a lean manufacturing flow. It can easily be connected as a tugger train for easy transport of all the trolleys.

Ante Omnia


Ante Omnia